March 29th

1986, Austrian singer Falco became the first German speaking artist to achieve #1 in the US charts with Rock me Amadeus…

March 28th

Music of the seventies. My big, big love. That’s the music I grew up with.

Big Rock bands. One of them is definitely Led Zeppelin.

On this day in 1973, they released their fifth album „Houses of the Holy“.

Here the official live video of „The Ocean“  from this album.

March 27th

The Allman Brothers Band.

Do you know them? No? But for sure you know Bruce Springsteen,“The Boss“?

On this day, in 1971, The Allman Brothers Band gave a concert in New Jersey. Supporting act was Bruce Springsteen… 😉

Here my favourite song from The Allman Brothers.

March 26th

This day, in 1980, „The Police“ gave a concert in Bombay (today Mumbai).

It was the first concert of a western band in India after more than 10 years.

Here the only recording available on YouTube

March 25th

Novalis, German poet and philosopher, died this day in 1801.

There was a German Krautrockband* called Novalis. They used some Novalis poems as their song lyrics.

In German, the style of the band was called „romantic rock“, sounds somewhat nicer… 😉

March 24th

This day, in 1973, Pink Floyd published their most successful album ever :

The Dark Side Of The Moon

Here „Time“, live at Earls Court.

March 23rd

My concert of the day: Voices and Guitar.

Chaka Khan was born this day in 1953.

I love her singing Soul but not necessarily her pop songs…. 😉

Happy Birthday.

March 22nd

My grandmother liked them. They influenced so many other musicians.
Like many kids, I was a fan too. Yet, today, I hardly listen any of their songs.

What’s about you? Still listen to their music? What’s your favourite Beatles song?

March 22nd,1963, they released their first album: „Please Please Me“.

March 21st

Remember Leo Fender?

Leo built one of the most famous electric guitars, the Fender Stratocaster. The company also built some signature models, the first one was the Eric Clapton Signature.

Leo died this day in 1991.

Other famous Stratocaster players were Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler, Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher, David Gilmour, Buddy Guy, George Harrison, Buddy Holy, John Lennon, Ike Turner, Mike Oldfield, Pete Townshend or Ronnie Wood.

Here a concert with Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton.

March 20

Concert of the day

This day, 1950, Carl Palmer was born.

Playing with Emerson, Lake &  Palmer, Carl is considered to be one of the fastest drummers ever

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